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How to Make a Refresh Detangling Styler that Actually Works!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

NoFrizz10 Detangle & Define Re-fresh Styler

(Also called, Anti-Frizz Styler Liquid)

Created & Owned by Athena Padilla, LLC

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As much as you might think that mixing a little conditioner with water in a bottle is good for your hair, you may want to consider the problems associated with these type of DIY treatments. Keep reading to learn more on this topic.

If you've been around long you may have noticed that there's a lot of talk about how easy it is to make a simple hair refresh product at home in just seconds as mentioned above. But, if you've tried any of them you have quickly realized that they don't live up to all the hype.

In this blog, I am going to give you lots of hope, styling tips, preservative measurements, some instruction, and a link where you can order an easy & inexpensive downloadable recipe of my wonderful NoFrizz10 Refresh Styler, that ACTUALLY WORKS!! Prepared Product HERE.

When we try to mix conditioner and water together, we almost never get the right ratio. I've heard so many complaints about DIY refresh sprays. Most people complain that it ends up being too heavy for their hair. They may also have the opposite problem which is that the water content is too high and it causes their hair to frizz. And they are always having to re-shake it back together because it separates. blah!

You may have heard to add a little oil to your conditioner and water refresh mixture. But without actual measurements, and knowing the proper oils for your hair, this quickly became a messy situation. Read my blog HERE all about the different moisture levels of oils and which ones may be best for your hair type.

Bacteria can also be a problem with the DIY recipes you find online. Adding extra water to any product creates a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, mold, etc. EEEkkk!! On the other hand, If you are bothering to make a new batch of refresher every couple of days, then you are probably exhausting yourself. Let NoFrizz10 Help!

And what about Frizz control? Hellooo!! This is really important! NoFrizz10 has discovered a way to reduce and control frizz by adding a secret ingredient to our Refresh Detangling Styler. This seems to always be forgotten in these refresh mixtures. I know that some people use aloe, protein, even vinegar, but not NoFrizz10! To discover our secret ingredient get a full downloadable recipe.

You can see below that with NoFrizz10 Refresh Detangling Styler, you get great results, but did you also know that it can do ALL THIS?

* Refresh scalp & hair, leave-in conditioner, detangle tough knots, style, AND light hold hairspray.

* You can make it according to your desired consistency and hair type.

* Helps to retain scalp’s & hair’s moisture retention until wash day.

* Will not weigh down even the finest hair or kids’ hair.

* Great for creating different Styles for straight or curly hair.

* Provides shine and softness.

* Has a great shelf life.

* Safe to use.

POLISHED/Pristine/Romantic LOOK

Sassy BIG Hair Look

* See bottom of blog for instructions on how to style these LOOKS & for more important USAGE TIPS! Including demos & Videos!


*Amazon affiliate links are included in this recipe. Athena receives a small commission if you purchase products after clicking on her Amazon links. Thank you for your consideration.

* Silicone lined whisk

* Funnel (optional)

* Measuring Spoons

* Measuring Cups

* Preservative (Optiphen)

* Essential Oils Orange EO Vanilla EO

* Containers for Prepared Product

(2 – 10 fl. oz. for spray

(2 – 8 fl. oz. for cream, serum, or liquid


Since this is a secret recipe and I hope you will want to buy the full recipe, I will not include all the ingredients here, but I will suffice to say that you do need a special type of conditioner, a certain amount of oil, and water to be used within reason. A preservative is optional since this can be stored in the fridge. Essential oils are nice for scent. And don't forget... the SECRET INGREDIENT which you can discover and easily take advantage of if you click HERE.



Mix ingredients together such as conditioner, oils, water... AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT!


Add a little water at a time until you have reached the needed consistency.


SHHH... It's a SECRET! For complete recipe click HERE.


Measure your products current weight.

For most accurate results, weigh your product with a kitchen scale.


Whisk well.


If you will not be using a preservative, be sure to keep this in the fridge and check for freshness at 2 weeks and every week after that.

If desired, add a non-silicone, non-formaldehyde preservative such as Optiphen (, for a long shelf life based on the amount of prepared product you made. See Preservative Measurement Chart below.


--Use ¼ tsp. Optiphen for 4 fl. oz. of prepared product.

--Use ½ tsp. Optiphen for 8 fl. oz. of prepared product.

--Use ¾ tsp. Optiphen for 12 fl. oz. of prepared product.

-- Use 1 tsp. Optiphen for 16 fl. oz. of prepared product.

-- Use 1 tsp + 1/8 tsp Optiphen for 18 fl. oz. of prepared product.

-- Use 1 tsp. + 1/4 tsp. Optiphen for 20 fl. oz. of prepared product.


If desired, add a favorite essential oil or Curly Girl approved scent.

I suggest adding no more than about 2-6 drops. Orange Essential Oil


Use a funnel or spout to carefully put your finished product into your container of choice.

(2 – 10 fl. oz. for spray

(2 – 8 fl. oz. for cream, serum, or liquid


*Video Tutorials on how to refresh and smooth hair for your best curls:

Why are My Curls STRINGY After I REFRESH? How to Perfect Refresh VIDEO

Quick & Easy Refresh DEMO For Curly Hair/Good or Bad?

Average Curly Hair Day w/ SPRITZ Styler VIDEO

NoFrizz10 REFRESH Products/DEMO & Curly Hair TIPS/Quick No Water/

Using Spritz Styler vs. Enhancing Orange Hairspray VIDEO

Try my Ribboning Technique for perfect ringlets in this video! VIDEO

5 Squish to Condish Do's & Don'ts : at 5 minute marker. VIDEO

How to Do a Full Refresh and to Moisture Hair

Apply thoroughly to very wet hair. Comb, twirl, smooth, scrunch, dry as desired. Scrunch Out The Crunch if needed. Do ROPE Scrunching for the least amount of fluff and frizz, by grabbing all of your hair as though you were climbing down a rope, along the length of your hair. Flat Hand Scrunching is also great for reducing frizz!

How to Detangle & Provide Anti Frizz Protection

Detangles best when hair is very wet and application is heavy. After applied, gently pinch a lock of hair between thumb and finger, and then repeatedly slide in a downward motion starting at the ends of hair and working your way up until all tangles slide out. There is generally no need for tools or to run fingers through hair, so snagging on a tangle is very rare and this is the most comfortable way to detangle kids’ knotty hair! Smoothing curl clumps in this way aligns all the hairs into the same direction so that no strand is left behind or confused and they do not cross every which way, so frizz goes Bye-Bye! (Video Demo Coming Soon!)

How to Get a Sassy BIG Hair LOOK

Partial Refresh – apply a light application throughout dry or damp hair.

Detangle slightly if needed. Scrunch. Dry as desired.

Scrunch Out The Crunch if needed.

How to Get a POLISHED/Pristine/Romantic LOOK

Touch Ups – put a bit onto finger tips then detangle, smooth over, and

twirl any frizzy curls that need more definition, especially around the top

halo section of hair and the ends. Use RIBBONING!

Follow me on my YouTube Channel for more curly hair tips.

To get a complete downloadable recipe of NoFrizz10 Anti-Frizz Styler Liquid click HERE.

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