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You may choose to customize your routine at home by adding your favorite oil , adding our Protein Drops, adding fresh aloe, layering with our Hard Hold Carbomer Gel, or adding honey and sugar. This way you can get a number of different combinations of options to try at home depending on what you need for the day. Just mix in your HAND or a small bowl PER USE at home. If custom ingredients need to be added into an entire bottle, then contact us or see details below to ensure shelf life safety.



If you want an ingredient/s to be removed or substituted and it is not specifically offered in the purchase menus, please refer to the available items below, then order as normal in our SHOP, but you must include a note at checkout in regards to your custom needs. You will be invoiced for a Partial Customization Fee of $5 per each custom item type in addition to the product retail price. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order in bulk to reduce Customization Fees.

Products we DO customize:

Hair Growth Drops/Serum/Lash & Brow Gel

Protein Drops

Make-up Extras: concealer color or lip color only

Conditioning Cream

Conditioning Butter

Conditioning Lotion

We Do NOT Offer Partial Customization of the Following Current Items:

Bamboo Cloths

pH5 or pH 9 Cleanser

Cream Cleanser

Mint Oil Blend

Protein Mask

Orange Moisture Mist

Herbal Moisture Mist

Mineral Makeup Powder Colors 

Anti-Aging Skin Serum

Anti-Aging Lotion


Mixing Liquid

Lip Gloss

Original Priming Gel

Anti-Frizz Liquid

Flaxseed Cream Gel

Hard Hold Carbomer Gel

Hard Hold Flaxseed Gellie

Blossom Foaming Mousse

Refresh Powder/Dry Shampoo

Vanilla Bean Primer

Fenugreek Primer

Oat milk Berry All-in-one Volumizer (Level 1,2,or 3)

SOAK Souffle' Defining Curl Cream (w/wo protein)



We no longer develop new formulas, unless it is a skin color match for mineral powder makeup/concealer or a custom lip color product. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


We may be able to create a custom skin color/lip color for you. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

A Skin/Lip Match Customization Fee of $20 will apply to the creation of each new skin/lip color in addition to the product retail price. 

Just ask us how to get started on making your perfect skin or lip color!

(We will request some photos of your skin, if possible please send us a dusting of a color that you know works for you, and you will be given 1-2 samples to help us determine the closest match possibly. )

Once each new color is established, future purchases can be made at normal retail price, without a Customization Fee.


A Specialty Item Batch Fee of $5-$15 will apply per batch depending on the difficulty of product and will be charged in addition to the product retail price. We suggest that you order large batches and store them in the fridge to reduce batch fees.  There may be a waiting list: waiting lists that reach 100 people will have batch fees waived!

Contact us if you want to be added to a waiting list or to order an available discontinued item.

Specialty Items We STILL Make upon request:

Vanilla Bean Spray

Mango Orange Oil Blend

Lavender Oil Blend

Samples (No batch fee necessary)

***No other specialty/discontinued items with be customized or recreated. 

The following specialty items are discontinued/unavailable:

Aloe & Honey Gentle Cleanser/Tear Free

DIY Kits (Coming Back Soon!)

Starter Sets/Bundles

Honey Mix-In

Hair Tools



Processing times for custom orders vary, and may take up to 30 days, or longer if you're on a waiting list. Please plan accordingly.


Packaging for custom orders will be filled in standard bottles such as pumps, flip tops, or wide mouths. Packaging may vary.  We will not generally put custom products in squeeze pouches since these are filled with a bulk machine for large batches only.